Sa vz. 58 Bolt Action COMPACT

.223 Rem


.223 Rem (5,56 x 45 mm)

Muzzle velocity

815 m/s 

Number of grooves in barrel


Twist of the rifling

1 : 7

Overall length of rifle with extended stock

645 mm

Overall length of rifle with extended stock

435 mm

Barrel length

190 mm

Length of sight line

155 mm

Extent of rear sight

From 100 to 500 m

Width of rifle

59 mm

Height of rifle with magazine

170 mm

Practical rate of fire

20 shots/min

Maximum range of fire

1,100 m

Lethal effect of projectile

1,100 m

Weight of rifle (without magazine)

2.75 kg

Weight of rifle with loaded magazine

3.26 kg

Weight of empty magazine

0.15 kg

Weight of full magazine

0.51 kg

Trigger pull

2.5 - 2.7 kg (24.5 - 26.5 N)

There is no opening for the piston in the front section of the receiver as the Bolt Action model does not contain any piston.
As an option bolt carrier with left-handed cocking lever may be delivered.
There are no openings in the gas adapter for the gases to escape from the barrel and operate the piston.