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The only manufacturer of legendary sa vz. 58 rifles and sa vz. 61 pistols

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To see if you firearm is still covered by CSA's 5 year warranty, please enter your firearm´s serial number into a search window below and click search.

Czech Small Arms is the only manufacturer of Sa vz.58 and Sa vz.61 firearms and provides 5 year full warranty on all firearms featuring its manufacturer's name, i.e. Czech Small Arms (hereafter the "CSA"), engraved on their bodies, and the serial numbers of which are in the CSA database.

The warranty shall not apply to vz.58 rifles assembled of vz.58 component copies made by manufacturers other than CSA. Likewise, the warranty shall not apply to vz.61 assembled of vz.61 component copies made by manufacturers other than CSA. Warranties in respect of the above firearms modified by their owners, or unauthorized gunsmiths, shall be void.

The 5-year warranty shall apply to all CSA manufactured firearms regardless of the distributor or dealer who sold them. In addition, the 5-year warranty shall be fully transferable to new owners of the firearms. Even if you were not the original purchaser of a new firearm from a firearms dealer, the warranty shall remain effective for the current owner (for 5 years from the date of the first/original sale).

To have a warranty repair done on your firearm, please, contact official CSA distributor in your country or assigned warranty station. If there is no official CSA distributor in your country, please, contact directly CSA factory, using the contact numbers stated in the Contacts section of this website.

About us

Czech Small Arms (C.S.A.) is the only manufacturer of the Sa vz.58 rifles and Sa vz.61 Pistols. The factory located in Jablunka, Czech Republic, continues to produce these legendary firearms for distributors in almost 30 countries on 6 continents.  Originally manufactured by CZ Uhersky Brod, Sa vz. 58 rifles and Sa vz. 61 Pistols are currently produced only by Czech Small Arms.


The growing popularity of the vz.58 and vz.61 has led to this expansion of new calibres.  The vz.58 is now offered in .223 Rem and .222 Remington, while the Sa vz.61 is available in 9 mm P.A. Blank, 9 mm P.A. Rubber, 9 mm Browning and 9 mm Makarov.


A high degree of quality assurance is found throughout each level of the vz.58 and vz.61 production. From testing of raw materials to CNC machining and firearm assembly, every step of production exhibits extreme attention to detail.  The objective of C.S.A. is to produce high quality firearms with a continued emphasis on innovation.



Patent Number Application Serial Number Filing Date 1st
Patent Issue
7,895,933 11/783,151 4/6/2007 4/17/2008 3/1/2011 Pistol conversion from an
automatic weapon
7,676,974 11/442,324 5/30/2006 8/9/2007 3/16/2010 AUTOMATIC RIFLE CONVERTED
7,451,682 11/969,014 1/3/2008 6/12/2008 11/18/2008 Semi-automatic sporting rifle
7,373,868 11/245,118 10/7/2005 4/12/2007 5/20/2008 Semi-automatic rifle Sa vz. 58
8,176,833 12/208,065 9/10/2008 1/1/2009 5/15/2012 FIREARM RECEIVER WITH
8,191,298 12/605,790 10/26/2009 1/20/2011 06/05/2012 MAGAZINE QUICK-RELEASE


Czech Small Arms protects its products and related innovations in a variety of ways including, without limitation, patent, trademark, and copyright protection throughout the world. To comply with the marking requirements especially under U.S. patent law promulgated under 35 U.S.C. § 287, Czech Small Arms has marked all or at least substantially all of its products with the word "patent" located adjacent a uniform resource locator (URL) that directs the public to this particular Web page. U.S. patents claiming subject matter currently owned by Czech Small Arms (or for which Czech Small Arms has one or more licenses) are listed below.

Additionally, patent application serial numbers for published U.S. patent applications owned by Czech Small Arms (or for which Czech Small Arms has one or more licenses) that have not issued yet as patents are also listed. Website visitors are reminded that damages can be sought and recovered for infringing activity covered by a claim of a patent retroactively back to at least the publication date of such application under certain circumstances. Therefore, just because a patent may not have issued yet on subject matter claimed in one or more patent applications listed below, unlicensed parties are NOT free from potential patent infringement liability to make, use, sell, offer for sale, and/or import such claimed subject matter.

Czech Small Arms and its licensor(s) take infringement of their respective intellectual property rights very seriously and will not hesitate to enforce such rights if necessary.